What Twelve Step Programs Can Teach You About Dealing with Chaos

Twelve-step programs have helped millions of adults who felt like their life was spinning out of control. Even if you’re not addicted to alcohol or gambling, their philosophy may help you when external events make your situation seem unmanageable. Maybe your life has been disrupted by health issues or job loss. Maybe your relationships are

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A Pro-Active Path to Having a Healthy Relationship With Yourself

If someone asked you about the important relationships in your life, you’d probably start listing your family and friends. However, there’s one name that you may forget to mention. We often overlook our relationship with ourselves. It can be difficult to find time for yourself when you’re busy trying to keep up with responsibilities at

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Top 10 Critical Communication Skills for Couples

Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship. The quality of any relationship is no greater than the quality of the communication. Increasing the quality of the communication within your relationship might be the best way to enhance it. Unfortunately, interpersonal communication skills are rarely taught in school. We learn them independently. If you’ve never tried

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A Healing Plan for Recovering from Divorce

Unfortunately, divorce is commonplace in today’s society. The ending of any serious relationship can be challenging to overcome, but divorce is fraught with even more tough issues. You might find yourself moving on a little too quickly without taking the necessary time to pull yourself together. Or you may languish in a state of misery

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