Tough Truths About Relationships

Let’s talk about some tough truths when it comes to long-term relationships.

Our culture presents a skewed set of expectations. We are told that “true” love is a feeling that should last.

But love is work.

There will be times when you’ll feel disconnected. You’ll wonder if there is someone better out there. You’ll miss that honeymoon phase.

Here are things that are NORMAL:

1. You won’t always like or feel attracted to your partner.
2. Sometimes you will feel bored.
3. There will be times you wonder if there is someone better out there.
4. You won’t always want to have sex.
5. You will feel connected and disconnected.
6. You will miss the honeymoon phase.

The feeling of bliss will pass, but that’s NORMAL.

It’s important to focus on these things:

1. Center your relationship goals around positive communication and honesty.
2. Working on your sex life is a great goal – but so is making time to have fun with your partner.
3. Address issues together as a team rather than arguing about who’s right or wrong.
4. Prioritize finding a way to make up after a disagreement. This grows connection.
5. Make space for both people to find things you enjoy doing on your own. No guilt-tripping allowed.
6. Never stop dreaming and talking about what your future as a couple holds.

Mind dizzying delight is a wonderful and exciting time in the beginning of a relationship; but it isn’t realistic to think that will last forever. The true connection and love that comes from investing in another person, and the relationship itself, will bring long-term satisfaction in your life.

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