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Is Breakup & Divorce Therapy for Me?

Deciding to end a relationship is extremely difficult.  Contemplating the how-to and the what-ifs is emotionally and physically exhausting.  What if you didn’t get a say in ending the relationship? The decision was made for you and you are left to pick up the pieces.  You have to go through your day with a resemblance of normalcy, yet just getting out of bed is overwhelming.  There are so many questions you ask yourself and you don’t know where to start.  Will the kids be okay? Can I do this on my own? How am I going to tell friends and family?  How are we going to do this financially? The list goes on and on. You feel like you are merely a shell of your former self struggling to put one foot in front of the other. 

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Benefits of Breakup & Divorce Therapy

Ending a relationship is a major life transition and even though you may feel like you want it over as quickly as possible, there are decisions that must be made that will impact your (and your children’s) future. Your goal is not to merely survive the relationship ending- it is to go through each stage feeling informed and empowered so that you can make the decisions that will positively impact your future and ensure your healing and recovery. It is then that you can embrace your new life with confidence and see the beautiful future awaiting you!

Why Breakup & Divorce Therapy Works

Navigating the end of a relationship successfully requires strength, clarity, organization, self-care and support.  A Divorce Coach is a partner that walks the path with you and keeps you focused and motivated.  You are not alone in this process. You have guidance and encouragement tailored to your situation and your needs. Our team will make sure that you understand all of the options available to you, assist you with organizing a detailed plan, select professional experts, assist you with the required paperwork, give you helpful resources, provide emotional support so that you can be your best-self, set goals for your future and embrace change with a positive attitude.

What You Can Expect From Divorce & Breakup Therapy

A meeting with a Divorce Coach gives you an opportunity to discuss your situation in detail and to unpack the emotional whirlwind swirling in your head. You will work together to figure out your immediate needs. Simplify the process by creating a solid plan of action that keeps you moving forward. You learn to identify your emotional triggers and healthy tools to manage them. Having a qualified and training professional as your partner gives you a chance to take charge of your life. You will have confidential one-on-one sessions in-person or virtually with a trained and qualified professional. Having a partner that isn’t emotionally connected to your relationship provides calmness and clarity that is essential for successfully navigating the ending of one relationship and the beginning of your new independent life.

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