Executive Functioning Skills Training

Executive functioning is a combination of brain-based abilities that enable goal-setting, planning, managing disappointment, and adapting to unexpected events. These skills help individuals tackle challenges without becoming overwhelmed and are crucial for success in school, relationships, and overall quality of life. Our group employs evidence-based cognitive-behavioral techniques to enhance social flexibility, emotion regulation, planning, time […]

Evaluation Services

Children in class

Overview Our on-staff School Psychologist provides psychological and psychoeducational evaluations to address intellectual, learning, social/emotional, and behavioral concerns. At this time, we can evaluate children and adolescents ages 6 to 21. Each assessment is personalized to meet the unique needs of the individual being evaluated and answer the specific referral questions accordingly. Our psychologist has extensive knowledge of […]

Emotional Manipulation: What It Looks Like and How to Handle It

EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION: WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE AND HOW TO HANDLE IT Emotional manipulation is one type of emotional abuse where the perpetrator seeks to emotionally control, exploit, or influence the victim in a way that gives them an advantage. This behavior commonly takes place in abusive and toxic relationships, and it may be the only […]

Does Your Partner Know Their Behavior Is Abusive?

Does Your Partner Know Their Behavior Is Abusive? Even if they don’t, that doesn’t excuse their behavior. It is easy to look at someone who has bruises inflicted by their partners and surmise that they are being abused in their relationship. There is an obvious sign prompting friends, family, and therapists to ask, “Is everything […]

Tough Truths About Relationships

Tough Truths About Relationships Let’s talk about some tough truths when it comes to long-term relationships. Our culture presents a skewed set of expectations. We are told that “true” love is a feeling that should last. But love is work. There will be times when you’ll feel disconnected. You’ll wonder if there is someone better […]

Living With Unresolved Trauma

Living With Unresolved Trauma Living with unresolved trauma can result in a relationship that isn’t happy or healthy. You may think you have “dealt with it,” when what is really happening is that your behavior is being driven by what has happened to you. Trauma is unique to each and every one of us. None […]

Are You Embarrassed to Tell Your Therapist Something?

Are You Embarrassed to Tell Your Therapist Something? If you’ve ever been embarrassed to tell your therapist something, let me remind you of something: chances are, I’ve heard it MANY times before. Here are 10 things that people have been afraid to tell me in therapy because they think it’s weird or embarrassing: 1. Anything […]

Gaslighting In My Relationship

Gaslighting In My Relationship Too often, clients come to therapy to find out if they are overreacting to their partner’s behavior. They tell me their partner says things like, “It’s all in your head.” “I never said that.” “It was just a joke.” When your partner uses harmful phrases or twists words against you to […]

Did You Know Passive-Aggressive Behavior Goes Both Ways?

Did You Know Passive-Aggressive Behavior Goes Both Ways? It’s B-S Free Friday. Let’s talk about passive-aggressive behavior. Passive-aggressive behavior is when someone indirectly expressive negative feelings about a situation instead of just saying how they feel. Often, this is because they are fearful. They’re fearful of losing control, they are insecure, or they have low […]



Online Therapy in St. Petersburg, FL Taking care of your mental health is just as important as maintaining your physical well-being. However, many people have trouble scheduling appointments and making it to their therapy sessions. That’s why KDM Counseling Group provides quality online therapy so you can get the help you need from the comfort […]