Angela Jordan is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern, born and raised in Tampa, FL. Angela obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Family, Youth, and Community Sciences with a specialization in Counseling from the University of Florida. She continued at the University of Florida to complete both a Masters in Education in Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as a Specialist in Education in Marriage and Family Counseling.

Throughout her masters program, Angela completed an internship at the Alachua County Crisis Center. During her time there, she provided individual, couples, and family counseling as well as crisis and suicide intervention counseling on their 24/7 Suicide Hotline. Angela actively participated in the CARE Teams, who respond in-person to immediate tragedy, death, accident, or crisis in the community. She also provided co-therapy in an after-hours Family and Couples Clinic.

As a young child of divorce, Angela became passionate about discovering the essential components that foster healthy and strong family and romantic relationships. She has now dedicated her career to helping couples explore and understand the dynamics of their relationship and educates couples on the commitment needed to cultivate a lifelong, satisfying connection. To hone her couples counseling skills, Angela is Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1 Certified which focuses on helping couples compassionately manage their conflicts, deepen their friendship and intimacy, and share their life purpose and dreams.

In addition to being a counselor, Angela is also a friend, sister, daughter, partner, and dog-mama. All of these significant roles contribute to the empathic, compassionate, and insightful marriage and family counseling she provides.

Angela Jordan

“Deep human connection is the purpose and the result of a meaningful life – and it will inspire the most amazing acts of love, generosity, and humanity.” -Melinda Gates

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