People who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning (LGBTQ+) may face complicated life experiences. This can include struggling with your sexuality and/or gender orientation, feeling misunderstood or not accepted by your family and friends, and experiencing isolation. Are you in a same-sex relationship but having issues in your partnership that you can’t seem to work through on your own? Are you feeling additional outside pressure and stress on your relationship from family or society? Are you trying to figure out the next step in your relationship? Whether you are looking for individual, couple or family counseling, our therapists have extensive experience working with LGBTQ+ clients and understand the issues that impact their lives.

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According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), there is strong evidence that members of the LGBTQ+ community are at a higher risk for experiencing mental health conditions – especially depression and anxiety disorders. LGB adults are more than twice as likely as heterosexual adults to experience a mental health condition. transgender individuals are nearly four times as likely as cisgender individuals to experience a mental health condition. NAMI also reports that LGB youth also experience greater risk for mental health conditions and suicidality. LGB youth are more than twice as likely to report experiencing persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness than their heterosexual peers. Transgender youth face further disparities as they are twice as likely to experience depressive symptoms, seriously consider suicide, and attempt suicide compared to cisgender lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and questioning youth.

KDM Counseling Group offers affirming and supportive counseling and psychotherapy for LGBTQ+ individuals, couples, and families. Our warm, friendly, and compassionate team will work with you to navigate and achieve your personal and relationship goals. Through our encouragement and experience, we will help you embrace your authentic self and provide you a safe space to share with no judgement.

A supportive and understanding therapist allows you to figure out your immediate and future goals and develop a personalized path to reach them.

Our clinicians are also experienced at helping clients with:

  • Understanding sexual orientation and gender identity
  • “Coming out” and disclosure to family, friends and co-workers
  • Relationship satisfaction
  • Coping with social stigma, bias and homophobia
  • Challenges for couples
  • Parenting an LGBTQ+ child
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Relationships with family and friends


Our fundamental approach is to work at our client’s pace. We aim to provide judgement-free services for all LGBTQ+ persons and allies. Your initial evaluation session provides an opportunity for you to build a rapport with a therapist and provide background about yourself and what has motivated you to start counseling. From there, we will establish a plan that will best meet your goals.

“Deep human connection is the purpose and the result of a meaningful life – and it will inspire the most amazing acts of love, generosity, and humanity.” -Melinda Gates

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