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Is Family Therapy Right For Me?

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and frustrated by your child’s tantrums, meltdowns, and defiance? Is your child or teen experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, or depression? Do you wonder what rules, boundaries, and consequences are appropriate? Has your child been diagnosed with ADHD or are they struggling to keep up at school?  Do you feel frustrated by your teen’s lack of motivation and exasperated by all the time they spend on social media?   Is your family going through a major life transition, such as separation, divorce, a new marriage, a new baby, or a recent move? Do you have kids questioning their gender and sexuality, but you aren’t sure how to help them? It’s normal for major changes to create stress for the entire family.

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Why Family Therapy Works

Family therapy can give everyone a better understanding of healthy boundaries, family patterns and dynamics, and enhanced communication. It increases problem solving and provides a deeper empathy and understanding. The aim is to reduce conflict and start enjoying your relationships. Your family can learn to come together after a crisis and create an honesty between everyone. This will instill trust and a supportive environment while reducing sources of tension and stress. Many times, it is about learning to forgive each other.

How Can Family Therapy Bring Stability To Your Household?

We help identify the factors causing disruption and struggle in your family and create a customized plan to help you establish structure, routine, and stability. You will learn how to establish age-appropriate rules and consequences, and how to avoid power struggles and decrease conflict. You will create a solution toolbox to address the specific challenges you face. Once we identify the areas for improvement, we collaborate on a personalized action plan that will provide a step-by-step roadmap for you to implement. We will guide you through implementing the plan and modify the action plan as needed. We will help you determine what is working and what is not to achieve optimal results. Throughout our careers, we have had the privilege of working with many different families and couples. We work with traditional as well as alternative families. We have experience with straight as well as lesbian and gay couples and families. We have worked with single parent families, interracial families, adoptive, and blended families. Every family has its unique qualities, and we aim to build on strengths with respect for differences.

What You Can Expect From Family Therapy

During family systems therapy, you will work individually and together to resolve the problem that directly affects one or more family members. Each member will have the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings about how they are affected. The family unit is observed as a finely balanced structure where each member impacts that stability of the unit. Together, the family will work to help the individual in distress and to relieve the strain on the family. Individually, you will examine your role within the family and develop skills to help each other in the goal of restoring family relationships and rebuilding a healthy family system.

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