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In the event of marital separation, there is a wide variety of legalities and family issues to consider. Family mediation provides an impartial third party to guide each participant through the many intricacies of a separation, such as parenting plans, division of assets and liabilities, and post-divorce amendments.

Separation is stressful enough, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Using a licensed mediator saves time and gives you peace of mind. Having an expert in negotiations and conflict-resolution on your side helps you to reach difficult decisions faster and with more ease. Mediators ultimately help you come to a solution that is best for your family.

What Is Family Mediation?

Family mediation allows separating partners to discuss pending arrangements with a knowledgeable third party present.  Mediation can also be useful in reevaluating co-parenting agreements as a child grows up.  Because family mediators do not act as legal representatives, they are impartial mediators that can help both parties reach a compromise they are comfortable with.

Find PEACE With Family Mediation

The goal of family mediation is to help all parties handle the proceedings of a divorce with dignity and peace.  PEACE is the acronym used to outline the topics most often discussed during mediation.  In following the PEACE system, separating parties will be able to reach an agreement on:

When Should You Use Family Mediation?

Family mediation should be used as a guide through important family matters and decisions that arise during the proceedings of a separation or divorce. This can also include updating and modifying previously established agreements.

Divorce causes stress for you and your family. Family mediation aims to reduce stress and make separation as smooth as possible for everyone involved. A licensed mediator addresses the most common divorce issues, including:

If you have children, new agreements may be necessary as they get older. Family mediators work with you and your ex-partner to revise previously established agreements to create an amicable and updated version that benefits your children.

Benefits of Using a Licensed Mediator

Using a licensed mediator when facing family disagreements can have several benefits.

It Saves You Money and Hassle

Family mediation saves you time and money by avoiding litigation. Instead of hiring lawyers to argue on either side, mediation provides a single resource for both parties to use. While mediators cannot offer legal advice, only provide information, they can help you navigate your divorce without requiring an attorney.

Mediation speeds up the separation process. Mediators work around your schedule and give personal attention to your unique situation.

It Is Confidential

Confidentiality is vital for every licensed mediator. The disputes between you and your partner are personal issues that shouldn’t be public. While litigation publicizes your situation, family mediation keeps it private. You can rest assured that your case is confidential.

It Gives You Control

The goal of family mediation is to arrive at a decision on your own terms. Instead of waiting for a judge’s decision, working with a licensed mediator puts you in control. Mediation allows you to come to an arrangement that works best for your family’s situation.

It Works

About 90% of divorces that use family mediation settle successfully. Family mediation makes for a peaceful atmosphere. You and your ex-partner can discuss issues and come to amicable agreements in a confidential setting. Avoiding the stress of a courtroom creates a smoother separation process, and ultimately, a more successful one.

KDM Counseling Group offers family mediation to help you through your separation process. Our goal is to make this difficult situation as stress-free as possible for you and your family. Let us help you connect with a mediator by calling our office at (727) 437-0980.

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