Premarital Counseling in St. Petersburg, FL

Is Premarital Counseling For Me?

Marriage is one of the most significant experiences you can have in life. The health of your marriage can impact your physical and emotional well-being, career and financial success, and your children. The most effective way couples can prepare for the highs and lows of marriage is through premarital counseling. With the help of qualified relationship experts, engaged pairs can set themselves up for a healthy marriage with minimal surprises and the knowledge they need to overcome any obstacle.
Premarital counseling is an educational course that informs people of how a fully married life will look. It is similar to traditional marriage counseling in that it also advises couples on how to communicate and work through conflicts effectively. In addition to communication skills, your premarital counseling therapist can also guide you through making important decisions together, such as: How to share and handle finances Ways to raise a child without conflict How to deal with gender roles in your relationship

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Benefits of Premarital Counseling

The lessons of premarital counseling are valuable for couples regardless of when they learn them. As such, any intimate couple looking to improve their conflict resolution skills and have a more fulfilling relationship can benefit from couples counseling of some kind. However, premarital counselors design their lessons to teach you and your partner how to handle issues before they come up. Because of this, premarital counseling is most beneficial to couples who are not yet married so that they learn how to defuse conflicts before formally committing to one another.

Why Premarital Counseling Works

There are many benefits to premarital counseling beyond the communication, conflict resolution, and child-rearing skills it teaches you. Through counseling, you will learn more about yourself and your partner.

Increased Marriage Success

Studies show that couples who go through premarital counseling before their wedding are 30 percent more likely to stay married.

Mutual Long-Term Goals

Marriage counseling will help you learn more about your partner and what they want from your marriage. That improved understanding will help both parties form life goals they are both passionate about achieving.

Discovering Potential Problems

Premarital counseling is about more than discovering your partner’s shared goals and interests. Although it can be emotionally challenging, learning about potential conflict areas with your partner can be beneficial in the long run. Discovering issues within counseling can help the two of you work on them in a controlled setting rather than years into marriage.

Premarital Counseling in St. Petersburg

KDM Counseling Group offers premarital counseling in St. Petersburg, FL, that can set you and your partner up for a life of blissful marriage. Our team of trained counselors will walk you through potential areas of conflict in marriage and teach you how to resolve them peacefully.

If you’re looking for premarital counseling near you and you’re ready to commit to a life of shared happiness, schedule a consultation with KDM Counseling Group by calling 727-513-4303 or contacting us online.

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