Collaborative Divorce Services in St. Petersburg, FL

When a married couple decides to divorce, there are many factors to consider. The process of a divorce can be complicated, but there are ways to mitigate and reduce those complications. Consider seeking a professional who specializes in divorce therapy to help you through this complicated time. The collaborative divorce process does just that and more.

What Is Collaborative Divorce? 

A collaborative divorce is a legal process that involves a private, client-controlled approach outside of a courtroom. Collaborative divorce is an efficient, collective, and solution-based alternative to traditional divorce.

A collaborative divorce is a way to help a family make a smooth transition with the help of a team of professionals. The team of professionals involved in collaborative divorce includes the following:

KDM Counseling Group provides a certified neutral mental health professional to serve as a communication coach and process facilitator in the collaborative divorce process, ensuring that both parties get the opportunity to express their needs and interests.

Collaborative Divorce vs. Mediation

While mediation is helpful in divorce proceedings, it doesn’t provide the legal support that a collaborative divorce process does. Mediation provides a neutral third party to address common divorce issues like alimony or child support. The difference between collaborative divorce and mediation is that a mediator can offer no legal or financial guidance.

When Should You Seek a Collaborative Divorce Process? 

A collaborative divorce process is beneficial to pursue when both parties cannot agree upon all divorce terms. Collaborative divorce uses negotiation and mediation so both parties can reach agreements on the terms of the divorce.

There are critical terms to a divorce. Concerns like property division, debt division, child custody, spousal support, and child support will need to be discussed and agreed upon. Collaborative divorce makes the process more comfortable and, as the name implies, involves all parties equally.

The Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

It Is Cost Beneficial 

Often in a divorce, an attorney is used as a sounding board for emotional and mental advice. An attorney serves a very specific purpose, and their time is very costly. In a collaborative divorce, you can lean on a neutral mental health professional for all of the mental and emotional strife that inevitably arises. This saves time for your legal counsel and money for you.

It Provides a Team-Oriented Approach

A mental health professional on your team can help make sound decisions beyond financial or legal considerations. Of course, having the best insight into both the legal and financial aspects of a divorce is imperative. The collaborative divorce process provides you with a team approach to cover all of your bases.

It Involves Neutral Professionals

There is no win or lose in a collaborative divorce. For your team, the goals are to provide the best support and result for all parties. A neutral team of professionals with different specialties allows you to feel confident that your best interests are represented.

Our divorce therapists are here to help navigate the challenges and conflicts involved in divorce. It’s our goal to help you work through your divorce confidently and cost-effectively. If you’re curious about the collaborative divorce process or are looking for a counselor that specializes in divorce, contact KDM Counseling at 727-513-0229 to learn more.

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