Are You Embarrassed to Tell Your Therapist Something?

If you’ve ever been embarrassed to tell your therapist something, let me remind you of something: chances are, I’ve heard it MANY times before.

Here are 10 things that people have been afraid to tell me in therapy because they think it’s weird or embarrassing:

1. Anything having to do with sex. Most of the time it isn’t as unusual as you think and I have heard and talked about it with lots of clients.
2. Unwanted and intrusive thoughts that don’t align with your own values.
3. Believing that you are irreparably damaged.
4. Feeling like you aren’t grieving in the right way.
5. Admitting you hear voices. This can be your own internal dialogue and it is typically a normal processing and I can determine it if it actually hallucinations.
6. Being honest about your drug and alcohol use or that you have relapsed.
There is no judgement!
7. Letting me know that you haven’t worked on anything we talked about in previous sessions. That is ok – part of the process is figuring out the hurtles and finding what works for you.
8. Sharing that you have been molested or sexually abused and feeling ashamed that your body responded. That doesn’t mean you wanted the sexual contact and is still assault.
9. Thoughts of suicide. SO MANY PEOPLE have thoughts of wanting to wake up on the other side of the dirt. It is common. We can talk about it openly and doesn’t mean that I am going to hospitalize you.
10. Admitting that you are tired of being a parent or wishing you hadn’t had children.

Don’t be afraid to share your feelings with your therapist. It’s a safe space with no judgement. We come together during our sessions to work through what’s on your mind. If you’re honest, it makes the work easier, and your time worth it.

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