New Research Suggests that Meditation Can Alter Your Brain for the Better

Meditation is life-changing and affirming for the millions of people who practice it. Recently, there’s been some fascinating research into how practicing meditation can actually make positive changes to your brain’s structure. The academic journal Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging recently published a study about meditation. This study, completed by Massachusetts General Hospital clinicians, looked at a

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The Ritualistic Path to Taming Anxiety

Many athletes are superstitious. They wear lucky socks or carry around a special bottle cap to help them win a match. It may sound silly, but there’s some science to back up their habits. Research shows that rituals can be useful for soothing anxiety. That’s important because stress feels uncomfortable and hampers your performance.  At

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A Sober Living Guide For The Holidays

The winter holidays are supposed to be a magical time of year. However, they can pose extra challenges if you’re trying to live sober.  You may look forward to decorating the tree and baking sugar cookies. Then, you remember crowded shopping malls and family dinners with distant relatives asking you about your childbearing plans. You

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