KathyDan Moore, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist



KathyDan Moore, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

KathyDan Moore is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, Qualified Parenting Coordinator, Divorce Counselor, Certified Premarital Counseling Facilitator, and trained Collaborative Divorce Neutral Facilitator. She began her journey with a Bachelor’s degree from Tulane University and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialty in Marriage and Family Therapy from Antioch University in Los Angeles, California. 

Working in the mental health field for the past 15 years, her practice has expanded to include a variety of settings including clinics, homes, schools, non-profit organizations, private practice, and as Clinical Director at a community mental health facility. KathyDan has extensive experience working with couples and families. She specializes in treating trauma, anxiety and grief, as well as a focus on couple therapy, parenting, postpartum concerns, and the complex issues of joint custody and blended families.

Being a wife and mother of two children and four bonus children, KathyDan has a deep understanding of what it takes to balance these roles, while taking care to remember it’s important to still fulfill your life’s potential. She has always been passionate about helping others to regain charge of their life, guiding individual clients and families even in the toughest times. As a result, she has a high standard of practice, which in turn allows her clients to get the best quality of personalized services.