We have many “official” holidays throughout the year to honor important people and events. The holidays provide a great opportunity to celebrate, while spending quality time with loved ones. 

But why not go a step further? Create your own holidays to transform ordinary days into special ones that could boost your health, well-being, relationships, and career. 

Create Your Own Holidays to Boost Your Health and Well-being

  1. Go to bed early. Adequate sleep protects your health and productivity. Designate one day a week to celebrate your health by going to bed an hour earlier. Friday is a good choice because it will help you to stick to your regular rising time on Saturday.
  2. Eat a new vegetable. Make a New Year’s resolution to sample a new vegetable at least once a month. Pick a day to carry out your intention and stick to it. Gradually, start eating a wider variety of fruits and vegetables as part of your balanced diet.
  3. Read a novel. Reading for pleasure will expand your mind and help cultivate your sense of compassion. Make time for yourself and celebrate with a book.
  4. Luxuriate at a spa. Treat yourself to something special with a glamorous spa day. Get a massage and a makeover. Hold onto that sense of relaxation by developing a daily meditation practice.

Create Your Own Holidays To Boost Your Relationships

  1. Send flowers to a loved one. Flowers are often given on holidays. But why wait? Express your love by sending flowers to someone special on a day when they least expect it. Flowers work for men too. Pick something sophisticated or simple like orchids or sunflowers.                                                                             
  2. Spend time with each of your children. Celebrate the love you share with your children. Designate a special “holiday” when you spend time with each of your children one-on-one. You may decide to go shopping close to home or take a day trip to the beach.
  3. Remember your parents. Get together with your parents for a “Parent’s Day” they’ll enjoy. Go out and catch a movie or go with them to their annual church dinner or summer picnic. 
  4. Call an old friend. Make any day a celebration of friendship by contacting a buddy you’ve lost touch with. You might be able to locate them on a social media site. Pick up the phone and renew old ties.

Create Your Own Holidays To Boost Your Career

  1. Be kinder to your colleagues. Getting along with your co-workers is good for your job satisfaction and performance. Make a deliberate effort to be more helpful on the first day of every month. This may inadvertently create an “Employee Appreciation” event that may persist all the time.
  2. Give credit to your boss. Management should be shown some appreciation too. Pay attention to what those in charge do well and include them in your monthly kindness campaign.
  3. Strengthen your network. Developing a professional network requires consistency. Evaluate yourself at the end of every month.
    • Did you make any new contacts?
    • Did you do something valuable to help a longtime colleague?
    • If you find that you have done something to strengthen your network, reward yourself by celebrating a successful career move at your favorite restaurant.
  4. Clean the office refrigerator. Complete a chore at the office that nobody enjoys, such as cleaning out the refrigerator. Your co-workers will notice and celebrate your kind gesture.
    • Your kind gesture may inspire others to make their own unique “holiday” traditions.

Make the spirit of the holidays last all year long. Observing your own personal holidays may not get you any additional time off from work, but it will help you to make your life more meaningful and fun along the way.

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