EMDR – an Answer to Trauma

You can’t think or talk your way out of trauma. Trauma is not cognitive. The mind and body are connected, and you need both to heal. The nervous system is affected by your experiences, so you need to include your nervous system in the healing process experience. EMDR therapy is designed to incorporate the mind […]

How to Handle Being Homesick at College

Leaving for college is typically a time of excitement for students, one that represents new opportunities and, for many, their first venture out on their own, living away from family. But with that newfound freedom may come feelings of homesickness. “With little exception, all students will feel homesick at some time, usually in the beginning,” says Tamar […]

Five Tips for Working Through Difficult Emotions

Almost everyone knows the expression, “Don’t worry. Be happy.” The idea might be catchy, but it is certainly not good advice. And yet, someone in your past had probably told you not to worry at a time when you were at your lowest – when you didn’t feel happy. Chances are, that expression made you […]

Connection is Key

This week on our new podcast, Spilling the Thera-Tea, Jess and I interviewed our very own couples’ counseling expert at KDM Counseling Group, AnnLee Allen. We were excited to get into the nitty-gritty of an area of therapy about which we all feel passionate. It is overwhelmingly clear that more couples need help navigating difficult […]