Creativity, Acceptance, and the Pause: A Case Example of Mindfulness and Art in Therapy with an Adolescent

Mindfulness, defined as nonjudgmental awareness, has been integrated into a variety of therapeutic approaches. The benefits of mindfulness for adults have been demonstrated, and mindful interventions for youth are increasing. Creating a space for mindfulness to arise can be challenging within the hectic and technology-filled lives adolescents often lead. Art in therapy with adolescents can […]

10 Things A Divorce Coach Can Do For You

Did you wake up one day unable to catch your breath and realize that you can’t be in your marriage anymore?  Or maybe, your spouse decided that it was over, and you never had a voice in this life-changing decision. Or like many relationships, your marriage slowly fell apart over the years until you realized […]

Is Sex Therapy Right for Us?

Is Sex Therapy Right for Us?

Admitting there is a problem in your relationship is the first step and often times an easy one. Knowing how to navigate and work on the problem is another story all together. Relationships go through ups and downs and adding children to the equation only makes juggling the relationship more difficult. The stress of our […]

Does Marriage Counseling Work? An Inside Peek…

Does marriage counseling work?

Remember the kid in college who waited until the semester was almost over before hiring a tutor? They were making that last-minute Hail Mary pass because they didn’t put work in on the front end. Well, my friends… going to a couple’s counselor is sort of like hiring a tutor. It works best if you […]

Life with a Narcissist

Narcissistic Behaviors

Living with a partner who has narcissistic traits is undoubtedly challenging. People toss around the word narcissist lightly in conversation; however, when your companion truly suffers from narcissistic behaviors it can turn your life upside down. While you may love your partner very much (or not anymore!), their narcissistic traits can make it difficult for […]

The Weekends of Divorce

How to deal with being newly single

There are immeasurable changes in life when you go through a separation and divorce. There is the process of going through the emotional pain, learning how to deal with being newly single. You reabsorb full responsibility of household maintenance. You will possibly be navigating the dating world again.  One of the changes that isn’t often […]

Should I Stay in this Relationship or Should I Go?

In our current world, the information highway is moving at lightening pace. We are bombarded by advice from everyone though websites, social media, books, podcasts, and blogs. People are looking for answers to their challenges. As a Marriage and Family Therapist one of the most asked questions I get from my clients is, “Should I […]