Divorce Support Group

Hosted by Kadie Schramek
First & Third Tuesday of the month from 6pm – 7pm EST

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H.E.A.R.T.- together we will Heal by Empowerment, Acceptance, Resilience and Transformation.

  • Ongoing Group – Members can join at any time
  • Childcare – $15/hr

Nearly half of all marriages end in divorce yet going through one can feel like such an isolated and lonely experience.  Divorce has an impact far beyond just the two individuals involved, it impacts family units (including extended families) and social circles, and the stress caused by those outside factors can be a lot to deal with.  If you have  children the stress can feel overwhelming and unmanageable; how do we tell the children, what do we tell them, how will they handle this, what is the schedule going to look like, how will I be without my children some of the time, how I will be able to support my children financially, and on and on.  Going through a divorce means mourning the loss of a life that you once envisioned, and this is a process that takes time.  We don’t allow ourselves the time to mourn because we are so consumed with all of the other factors and emotions that go along with divorce.  This group will be safe place that we will openly discuss issues that one experiences in a divorce.  Divorce is such a process emotionally, physically, socially, financially and I encourage anyone at any stage of divorce to join this group, whether you are contemplating a divorce, in the beginning stages, in the middle, at the end or your divorce is final, you will We will talk about the emotions, the process, the business side of divorce and creating a new life beyond the divorce. 

Topics we will discuss:
  • Accepting the Divorce
  • Becoming our best selves
  • Children & Parenting
  • Financials/Job
  • Hiring and Attorney/Legal Processes
  • Creating a new life
  • Moving on/Dating


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