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All families encounter challenges, at one point or another.

Children and teens have unique needs when it comes to counseling and through our  experience with helping many kids overcome their struggles, we have created a system that builds an accepting, open,  and judgment-free space to explore the issues children and teens are facing. 

Parents often don’t know exactly what is wrong, but they have an intuition that their child is struggling. 

Watching their child encounter or deal with painful events, while feeling like they can’t speak directly to them about the issues or are unsure how to approach them, often keeps any progress from being made.  

Our counselors are a bridge between what parents want best for their children, and where children find themselves so often struggling. 

Our Counselors Know How To Help!

Parents are often confused about how and when to offer help in a child’s life. They are afraid of not taking action, while also being afraid of taking too much action.

We know that having a complimentary conversation with one of our therapists will answer many of your questions and help you to make an informed choice about how our services are created to help children and teens overcome their challenges.

Our counselors are here to help parents and children dealing with:

  • Their sense of wellbeing, their self-confidence, and general mental state.
  • Behavioral changes, academic struggles, social relationships, and
    emotional changes.
  • Issues communicating and connecting, because often times children can be resistant to parental help and input.
  • The formation of new friendships, adapting to new schools and situations, dealing with a death in the family, self-esteem, bullying, and relationships with stepparents.
  • The struggle surrounding gender identity, sexuality, and learning about healthy dating relationships.
  • Beginning to process the reality of parent’s divorce.
  • Working to learn healthy coping skills, so that they can find peace and know they are loved during and after divorce.

Counseling Designed With Your Child In Mind

We focus on creating bridges and teaching positive, respectful relationship building.

Here are some of the many ways we work to help children and teens overcome the obstacles they are facing:

  • We utilize a tested method that teaches children and teens and parents, the skills necessary to identify, process, and overcome their fears, concerns, and emotions in a healthy and positive way.
    We create a safe, comfortable, and welcoming space, where children and teens can learn about what divorce is, and talk openly about their feelings, worries, and sense of self-blame.
  • We work with our clients and their children and teens, to educate them
    on what new family dynamics may be like and navigating them through a new structure.
  • We invite children and teens to explore and discuss their true emotions, overcome stress and emotional roadblocks, and recognize that therapy can be a wonderful resource to discover solutions.
  • Our younger clients find great joy and success through our model that
    includes play, art, and music; to help express what oftentimes is hard for children to communicate verbally through traditional talk therapy.
  • We engage children in positive communication and help build
    connection between parents and their children.
  • We nurture children and teens’ emotional well-being, and work with them on building self-esteem, confidence, and resilience. These are the building blocks to be able to navigate many of life challenges that often occur as we grow.
  • We create a judgment free space for exploration and allow for an open
    discussion without fear of criticism, expectation, or discrimination.


Together we learn and encourage a better understanding of self-awareness and awareness of what healthy dating relationships are
based upon.

Sara S.
Sara S.
23 Hours Ago
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I would recommend her to absolutely anyone looking for therapy, direction in life or needing supervision for a counseling degree or counseling licensure. She is able to work on multiple issues efficiently and in a short amount of time. You will really notice progress and feel like every penny spent was worth it! St. Petersburg is lucky to have her!:)
Jessica B.
Jessica B.
A Month Ago
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They are incredibly sweet, easy for my young son to talk to without ever feeling nervous or intimidated and accommodating to our unusual situation. Would recommend them to anyone!
Miranda V.
Miranda V.
2 Months Ago
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KDM Counseling Group is where you’ll find my therapist, who initially helped me work through my decision to not have children with my husband, and then helped me leave that unhealthy relationship, and now has helped me flourish back into the person I lost so long ago. I’m so thankful for coming across them and making that first call.
Stacey M.
Stacey M.
3 Months Ago
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KathyDan has created a safe place for me to work through whatever I need. She has a non judgmental and no nonsense approach to situations and offers other resources that have proved to be extremely helpful to me. Her counsel has been a game changer in my life.
Lanie G.
Lanie G.
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KathyDan has been extremely helpful through a difficult time in my life. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing counseling during a divorce, business consulting and/or family counseling.
Sara K.
Sara K.
2 Weeks Ago
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My husband and I have been seeing KathyDan for several months. She has changed our opinion of therapists! She relates to what we are talking about and gives us advice and strategies that have made such a positive change in our lives. She took a vested interest in us from the start and we knew she was committed to helping our family. Thank you so much!

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